Why People Choose Us?

Our clinic is conveniently located in the brand new state of the art facility at North Oakville medical building, Oakville right by the entrance of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. With collaboration between other medical and dental practitioners, we are able to provide best treatment that our patients deserve. We are here to listen to your needs and make everything possible to satisfy your requests.

The literal meaning of the word Denturist is “one who makes dentures”. A Denturist’s practice is devoted to the fabrication and repair of dentures. You can go directly to a Denturist for treatment without a referral from another health care practitioner. Denturists provide the most cost- and time-effective service.

Many people believe that dentures last forever! Dentures should be replaced every five years. Wearing dentures for more than five years without having them checked could be harmful to your health.

Remove your dentures, rinse with water and brush immediately after meals. Use a soft brush and liquid dish or hand soap. Take your dentures out overnight and place in your denture cup with denture cleaner. Make certain that you read the instructions for your denture cleaner and that you are using the correct type for your dentures.

Several steps are involved in creating your custom dentures. It generally requires 1-2 weeks to complete these steps, with several custom fitting appointments.

  1. The first step is that of Preliminary Impressions – moulds of your mouth will be taken. Your customized impression trays will be ready for your next appointment.
  2. The second step is Final Impressions – that will create a custom final model on which your dentures will be fabricated.
  3. Thirdly, we work on the Bite – establishing your jaw relationship and choosing tooth shade/colour to most closely match your teeth.
  4. The next appointment focuses on a Try In – you will be able to try your teeth out (in wax) to see how they will look.  The bite will also be re-checked.  Once you and your denturist are completely satisfied, you move on to step five.
  5. Step five is the Finish your dentures

Dental acrylic would be substituted with specially designed, dense dental grade nylon material.

Please feel free to call or email us with your questions and we will be glad to answer.

Patient seeing their dentures for the first time

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