Annual Denture Checkups

Your dentures are a crucial part of how you look and feel – they greatly contribute to improving your quality of life. Just like with your natural teeth, it’s important to properly maintain your dentures to ensure that they’re in optimal condition. Booking an annual denture checkup is a great way to ensure the comfort and stability of your denture, as well as maintaining good oral health. 

Why Schedule a Denture Checkup?

Updating your medical and dental history is a significant segment of your patient files. Changes in your medical and or dental health may affect the fit and function of your dentures. Annual examinations of the oral cavity can assist in detecting oral abnormalities. Changes in tissue and bone can occur for a number of reasons. Ill-fitting dentures may cause further bone and tissue changes. Your denturist can assess and recommend solutions for you to consider. Poor fitting dentures can lead to bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations. Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future.

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Annual Denture Checkups - Care & Maintenance

What Does a Denture Checkup Entail?

During a comprehensive denture checkup from our experienced team of denturists, you should expect the following:

  • Medical & Dental History Chart Updating
  • Checking for Stains, Chips, & Cracks
  • Tissue & Bone Assessment
  • Denture Stability & Structural Integrity Evaluation
  • Cleaning & Polishing of Your Dentures
  • Reviewing Oral Hygiene Routines & Habits

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When Should You Get a Denture Checkup?

Just like you used to book a yearly or semi-annual dental checkup, the same rules apply for denture wearers. You should schedule at least one annual denture checkups to maintain your dentures, to improve your oral health, and to get the most out of your current dentures. If you’re unsure about when or why you should get a denture checkup, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do My Dentures Fit Comfortably?
  • Am I Having Difficulty Eating or Speaking?
  • Are My Dentures Cracked, Chipped, or Worn Out?
  • Have I Been Wearing the Same Dentures for Over 5 Years?
  • Are My Gums Irritated or Inflamed?

If you can’t remember the last time you went for a denture checkup, it’s probably time to book one. Contact us today to book your annual denture checkup in Oakville and Halton.

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Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures have been found to be the closest to replacing your natural teeth. They substitute the roots and create a solid foundation to retain and/or support a denture.


Complete Dentures

This type of denture replaces all the missing teeth on either upper, lower or both arches to restore your appearance.


Denture Repair

We offer the quickest and most reliable denture repair service in Oakville. Our denture clinic has a full denture lab on-site to perform any denture repair while you wait.


Immediate Dentures

When the time comes for the natural teeth to be extracted Immediate Dentures are used to avoid the embarrassment of having to go without teeth during the healing process.


Soft Liners

Soft Liner is great solution for those who experience constant irritation or have sharp prominent areas. Soft liners will provide great relief for those with chronic discomfort.


Partial Dentures

Halton Denture Clinic offer several solutions for partial denture options including Flexible metal free dentures, partial acrylic dentures, and metal acrylic dentures, referred to as cast partial dentures.


Denture Rebase + Relines

At Halton Denture Clinic & Implant Solutions Denture Reline and Denture Rebase can be performed same day.


Annual Check-Ups

Poor fitting dentures can lead to bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations. Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future. We assess and recommend solutions for you to consider.

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