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Have you ever experienced endless denture adjustments and no matter how meticulous the professional was you were left with uncomfortable dentures? If so, you may want to consider a soft liner.
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Denture Soft Liners at Halton Denture Clinic

Denture Soft liners are appropriate for:

  • Flat or nearly at gum tissues
  • Gums with thin tissues over bony areas
  • Chronically sore gum tissues

The bite position, existing teeth and acrylic base must be in good condition and not worn or stained to provide a reline procedure. An impression of your oral tissue is taken inside your denture to provide a working model. New material base material is added to your denture to produce a correct fit. The appearance of your dentures will not change.

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Requirements of Care for Denture Soft Liners

Soft liners require home care and proper cleaners to maintain their vitality. As with all removable dentures, soft liners require a regular check-up to ensure fit and oral health. We will provide professional cleaning as well as, education in the maintenance of your soft liner.

denture soft liner being applied by a denturist
soft liner application process

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Facts About Denture Soft Liners

  • Over 20 years of advances and developments in quality denture soft liners
  • Increased comfort during chewing and daily wear
  • Clinical evidence indicating a high acceptance by patients
  • Based on patient home care cleaning, soft liners have an average lifespan of two to four years depending on your physiology.

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Soft Liners

Soft Liner is great solution for those who experience constant irritation or have sharp prominent areas. Soft liners will provide great relief for those with chronic discomfort.


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Halton Denture Clinic offer several solutions for partial denture options including Flexible metal free dentures, partial acrylic dentures, and metal acrylic dentures, referred to as cast partial dentures.


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Annual Check-Ups

Poor fitting dentures can lead to bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations. Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future. We assess and recommend solutions for you to consider.

Denture Soft Liners FAQs


Soft liners absolutely need proper cleaning to maintain their vitality. As with all removable dentures, soft liners require a regular check-up to ensure fit and oral health. We will provide professional cleaning as well as education in the maintenance of your soft liner. Although the cleaning regimen is rather similar to how you would care for your dentures regularly (with care!).

This absolutely depends on the individual. Much like getting used to dentures in general, adapting to denture soft liners can take some time. Although, getting used to soft liners should take less time to get used to than dentures. You can expect it to take a few days or even a few weeks to get used to your new denture soft liners. If you’re worried about the overall fit after this time, feel free to contact your denture specialist and book an appointment.

Absolutely! At Halton Denture Clinic, we specialize in all sorts of damage repairs, including those for denture soft liners. If you’re noticing that your current denture soft liners aren’t working as well as they once did, or you accidentally damaged them while cleaning, give us a call! We will be happy to book you an appointment and get them fixed and back to you in no time.

If you’re new to wearing dentures, denture soft liners are a great way to make your dentures feel more comfortable and help you get used to the feeling. Denture soft liners are placed between the harder material from your dentures and your gums to give some extra cushion. Denture soft liners help absorb shock and can improve the overall fit and comfort of your dentures.
Denture soft liners can last approximately 1-2 years depending on the type of materials used. This lifespan can also increase or decrease significantly depending on how well you take care of your dentures.
Absolutely! Denture soft liners are made to work for everyone. Denture soft liners can be applied to new dentures no matter their material as well as older dentures and dentures in need of relining.

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