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If you’re missing some or all of your natural teeth, you’ve probably thought about getting dentures. It’s common to have some questions or hesitations – that’s where a denture consultation helps. We offer free denture consultations at our clinic to help answer any and all of your questions. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest to take. That’s why we welcome you to visit our clinic to speak with our friendly and knowledgable denturists to help you get started!

What is a Denture Consultation?

It may seem straight forward, but it’s a common question that we get. A denture consultation is an opportunity for you to learn about all the different dentures options, for you to ask questions, and to get an examination to determine which type of dentures would work best for your specific needs. It’s an important and helpful first step in the process of getting your own set of dentures.

Initial Denture Consultation with a Patient

Denture Consultations in Oakville

What to Expect From a Denture Consultation

Whether you’re experienced with dentures or it’s your first time, getting dentures can be a challenging and stressful experience – but it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to help you feel prepared for your initial consultation and get the process of getting your dentures off on the right foot. You should expect the following:

  • It’s free. 

  • You’ll go through a quick & thorough assessment

  • There will be a short examination

  • Your dentures options will be explored and explained

  • You’ll receive recommendations

  • You can (and should) ask questions

  • The costs will be discussed

If it’s your first time getting dentures, naturally, you’ll have lots of questions. We’re here to answer any and all of your questions and to provide expert guidance throughout your denture journey. An initial denture consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to voice your concerns, hesitations, and expectations. Contact us to book an appointment!

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Don't Forget to Ask Questions!

Here are some common topics that you might want to consider addressing during your initial denture consultation:

  • Will I be able to speak normally with dentures?

  • How do I take care of my dentures?

  • How long will the dentures last?

  • What types of dentures do you have available?

  • Are there food restrictions with dentures?

  • Can I sleep with my dentures on?

  • Do I need to book regular check-ups?

At Halton Denture Clinic, we understand just how important your smile is. We’re here to help bring back your smile, return your comfort, and restore your confidence. There are lots of different denture options available and we’re here to help you find the right one!

A denturist holding a set of model dentures pointing at them with the tip of a pen.

Explore All Of Our Denture Services

Denture Services In Oakville


Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures have been found to be the closest to replacing your natural teeth. They substitute the roots and create a solid foundation to retain and/or support a denture.


Complete Dentures

This type of denture replaces all the missing teeth on either upper, lower or both arches to restore your appearance.


Denture Repair

We offer the quickest and most reliable denture repair service in Oakville. Our denture clinic has a full denture lab on-site to perform any denture repair while you wait.


Immediate Dentures

When the time comes for the natural teeth to be extracted Immediate Dentures are used to avoid the embarrassment of having to go without teeth during the healing process.


Soft Liners

Soft Liner is great solution for those who experience constant irritation or have sharp prominent areas. Soft liners will provide great relief for those with chronic discomfort.


Partial Dentures

Halton Denture Clinic offer several solutions for partial denture options including Flexible metal free dentures, partial acrylic dentures, and metal acrylic dentures, referred to as cast partial dentures.


Denture Rebase + Relines

At Halton Denture Clinic & Implant Solutions Denture Reline and Denture Rebase can be performed same day.


Annual Check-Ups

Poor fitting dentures can lead to bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations. Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future. We assess and recommend solutions for you to consider.

Implant Denture FAQs


No. While we do have many different dental offices that refer patients to our clinic, no referral is required to book a consultation. You are welcome to contact and visit us independently.

Your initial denture consultation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Throughout this time, our team will get to know you, your specific needs, and we’ll come up with a denture solution that’s custom tailored to you.

During a denture consultation, an expert denturist will go over the following:

  • Explain the process and timeline of getting dentures
  • Check your existing dentures
  • Assess your gums and overall oral health
  • Answer your questions
  • Review your insurance coverage
  • Explain the different types of dentures
  • Discuss denture-related fees
  • Examine your current dentures (if you have some) 

Yes! We offer free, no-obligation denture consultations at Halton Denture clinic. If you’re interest in getting dentures or want to learn more about your options, book an appointment with us today! We’re here to answer your questions and help you throughout the process of getting dentures. 

A denturist is specifically trained to design, construct, and care for dentures for a patient while a dentist just has basic knowledge in the field of dentures. A dentist’s main purpose is to preserve your teeth while a denturist is focused on finding solutions for missing teeth.

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